Dining: Little Remedy for ‘off’ day on the foreshore

LIKE people, cafes and restaurants have good days and bad days.

Wendy JohnsonA friend and I must have hit Remedy by Lonsdale Street Roasters on a day when things weren’t going as well as staff would have liked.

It was a Sunday down at the Kingston Foreshore, a relatively new precinct for wining and dining. It was a cold, but sunny day and a fair few people were wandering about, with several restaurants quite busy.

Remedy has been part of the Foreshore scene for about four months. It’s close to C Dine, the first restaurant to open on the waterfront.

Remedy is a small operation with a rustic fit-out. Bags of coffee beans form a main part of the décor, as you would expect for a coffee joint, and a blackboard out front lists items to eat.

It’s not a large menu by any stretch but that’s by design. This is meant to be a place where you can grab a coffee and something to eat fairly quickly and inexpensively.

Light meals include housemade granola with Greek yoghurt ($7), banana bread with creamed honey or jam ($6), smoked ham and Gruyere cheese croissant ($8) and a selection of paninis.

I ordered an item but it was sold out, so I went outside again to see what else would tickle my fancy.

My friend ordered an item but it was sold out, so she went outside again to see what would tickle her fancy.

Why wouldn’t Remedy have eighty-sixed (strike off) these items with a bit of chalk? Such a simple way to help manage the customer experience. Instead they stayed put on the blackboard.

We went outside to find a table (no dining inside). There is no sun in the eating area at around noon and the Foreshore was whipping up a wind, as it regularly does, so we decided to sit on a bench further down from the restaurant with staff happy to serve us in the warm and cosy spot we had settled into.

My friend’s creamy Portobello mushroom Panini with rocket lettuce was really yummy and it really hit the spot. My prosciutto with fresh basil (pesto actually) and bocconcini was high on flavour but the bread was erring on the burnt side and was hard and not at all pleasant to eat. I didn’t get through it.

And speaking of burnt. That was how I felt my friend’s coffee was served. She didn’t finish it. My cappuccino was beautiful.

Remedy wasn’t super busy on our visit. Steady but not super busy, so I am not sure why the experience wasn’t flawless. As I say perhaps it was just an “off” day because every other visit to the two Lonsdale Street Roasters in Braddon has been really great.

Remedy, Kingston Foreshore, open seven days, 7am to 3pm.

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