Barr rails against cuts at Immigration

andrew barr

ANDREW Barr says there is more evidence today that sacking Canberrans is in every Liberal’s DNA, with plans to slash hundreds of jobs from the Department of Immigration while sneakily shifting hundreds more out of the capital.

“I will write to the Prime Minister to urge him to reconsider,” Andrew said.

“Despite his predecessor’s firm personal commitment that the cuts would stop, today the Prime Minister proved that when it comes to sacking Canberrans, Liberals can’t help themselves. After cutting thousands of jobs and putting huge strain on the Canberra businesses that rely on them, the Commonwealth now plans to sneak the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) out of Canberra in the dead of night to shore up a regional seat, while cutting hundreds of jobs at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

“The Liberal template is clear. Promise not to cut jobs, get elected, break the promise. This is what happened in NSW, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria, it happened at Federal level and it is undoubtedly the Canberra Liberals’ plan. They’re following the formula to the letter. Promise no cuts before the election, just like their colleagues in every other jurisdiction, then they’ll lay off hundreds of nurses and teachers to fill their $400 million budget black hole.

“Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the worst of the job cuts in Federal Government agencies was behind us after thousands of jobs were slashed. Yet, a new Prime Minister has seen the Federal Liberals continue with their cruel and unimaginative template approach to running budgets and buying regional areas. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is already trying to force Canberrans at the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to leave their families, their friends and their communities behind to move to his own electorate.

“Now, the Deputy Prime Minister is doing the same thing to the families at the MDBA, in another display of pork barrelling.

“Through the hard work of the ACT Government in partnership with local employers, our local economy is recovering from years of vicious jobs cuts. However, this task is made all the more difficult by the Liberal party and their mantra of either firing Canberrans or forcing them to move away.”


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