Barr warns Turnbull on cuts

andrew barr

ANDREW Barr says Canberra-based national institutions are not a political plaything.

“I have written to the Prime Minister to remind him of his obligations to the Canberra community,” Andrew said.

“We know Liberals sack Canberrans. It’s in their DNA. But the Prime Minister should honour his predecessor’s commitment to stop cutting our city.

“It is concerning that in the space of a few days, our national institutions have come under attack, government research jobs have been ripped out of Canberra and heads of departments are threatening to move senior roles to other cities.

“All Australians have a right to see our national treasures. Visitors to the national institutions support jobs in Canberra. If the Liberals drive these visitors away because they don’t value our national institutions, they threaten Canberra businesses.

“Staff at the national institutions also spend money with small businesses across the territory. How can the Liberals claim to be party of business when they keep sacking their customers?

“Canberrans are Australians too. This ideologically-driven Canberra bashing has to stop.

“Any other Australian city would get hundreds of millions in federal assistance if their major employer cut jobs like this. Canberra businesses are left by the Liberals to go it alone.

“The ACT Government is doing its part to keep our economy moving through stimulus and diversification, but I have asked the Prime Minister for a fair go for Canberra.”


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