Inclusive laws for an equal Canberra

IT’s now illegal to discriminate against someone based on their accomodation status and employment status following changes to the discrimination law that came into effect today (April 3). 

Gordon Ramsay

Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay says this includes denying a person entry to a shop because they’re homeless or refusing services because a person is unemployed. 

“Employers will also have to consider the treatment of staff subject to domestic or family violence,” Mr Ramsay says.

Other changes include protecting against discrimination on the basis that someone is or has been an immigrant, refugee or asylum seeker, or on the basis that someone has particular physical features or an irrelevant criminal record. 

“These changes are about ensuring that stereotypes and stigmatisation do not result in people missing out on a fair go to access services or receive opportunities,” he says. 

“Canberra will be all the stronger when people are not held back by unfair and unreasonable treatment.”

The changes build on reforms which commenced last year on August 24 to outlaw religious and disability vilification and to make the discrimination complaints resolution process more accessible.

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