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HEARTY congratulations on your 25-year milestone of crystallising “Well Written, Well Read” news, laced with the human and cultural touch of our treasured National capital, Canberra.

Editor Ian Meikle and his chosen team inform, challenge and, at times, exasperate – but are always prepared to offer refreshing, if not controversial admonition of doubtful bureaucratic and political hype!

The “City News” layout is easy to read for its newsy content, unencumbered by overdone trivia. Long may it be so. And thanks for leading the field with your regular online news updates and the “CityNews Sunday Roast” program on 2CC.

On a personal note, Ian, thank you for giving your time and expertise through many community service roles – proof of your commitment to Canberra.

Len Goodman and Joyce Goodman, Belconnen

Beauty of diversity

THERE has been a good deal of media coverage recently around rugby player Israel Folau’s latest comments.

I think it is important in our multicultural society and in an increasingly smaller world that we show the utmost understanding and respect for each other’s beliefs.

A wonderful Indonesian Muslim lady, Sinta Nuriyah, who likened religious diversity to a flower garden, said in June, 2015: “There are roses, jasmines, orchids and Sita Ashok. All of those flowers are beautiful. No one can force the roses to become jasmines or the orchids to become Sita Ashok”. I should add that the Ashoka tree has rather striking flowers and is sacred to Hindus and Buddhists.

It is not surprising that Ms Nuriyah is on “Time” magazine’s 2018 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Society would do well to follow her example.

Herman van de Brug, Kaleen

The joys of the crossword

MARTON Barnett (CN Letters, April 19) has made a very relevant point. With their abundant clues, the crossword is one of the more pleasant tasks of the week. I would be very reluctant to suggest the “CityNews” crossword is now redundant.

Chris Doyle, via email

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