Letters / Jon’s jumped the shark

JON Stanhope has really jumped the shark (“Hard lessons loom amid high risks”, CN March 1).

After previously complaining that the ACT government is not releasing sufficient land for the free-standing homes desired by most Canberrans, he now criticises it for doing just that by planning to release land for the Ginninderry development.

The basis for his complaint is that this action is “inconsistent” with the government’s plans for densification. Perhaps this inconsistency is all in Mr Stanhope’s head, and the government is capable of pursuing both densification and some increase in free-standing houses. This would sound fairly sensible to most people.

Given that Mr Stanhope spends the earlier part of the article urging the NSW government to hold the ACT over a barrel and even giving them a blueprint for doing so, one might wonder what his priorities are.

Helmut Simon, Watson

‘Grumpy’ got lucky

I TOTALLY agree with “Grumpy” Michael Atwell, of Dunlop (“Any wonder the place is a dump”, CN, February 22).

Gosh, he was lucky to get a couple of replies to his letters from the pollies.

Will the voters remember this Labor/Greens government’s arrogance at the next election? I think not. One gets less for murder!

Pete Mullins, via email


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