Letters / Let’s go big game, Shane

A FEW years ago the then-President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, changed the status of his country’s national parks to permit photographic safaris but no shooting of the wildlife.

However, he realised this wasn’t bringing in much income and under pressure especially from, I understand, gun-toting Americans who were prepared to pay big bucks to shoot the wildlife, large areas of Zimbabwe’s national parks were opened up for big-game hunting.

I had a similar thought for ACT Environment Minister Shane Rattenbury. Let’s spoil the fun of the shooters hired to cull as many kangaroos as possible in our parks and open them up to the Americans and other overseas tourists who I’m sure would also pay big bucks to eliminate our kangaroos and, at the same time, help our dubious Budget. It would be an extra bonus for these tourists to be able to shoot one of our national emblems!

Cedric Bryant, Watson

Thank you for stopping

I WOULD like to thank the driver who stopped on Clive Steele Avenue in Monash on Tuesday morning (May 8) to check on my welfare.

While training for the Mother’s Day Classic I tripped and fell on the uneven footpath, resulting in a number of cuts and scrapes. Blood trickles made it look bad, but I suffered no serious damage.  I was able to walk home.

I do appreciate the concern shown by the driver who saw the tumble and stopped to offer assistance.  Thank you, so much.

Brett Gray, Monash

Thanks for the arts support

I WANT to add my congratulations to “CityNews” on its 25th anniversary and say thanks for all the support it has given me with various functions I have held at my home to raise awareness of musical activities I have been involved in over the years, especially the Australian National Eisteddfod Choirs Division, of which I was the convenor for several years, and more recently the Australian International Chopin Piano Competition.

The advertising support for these musical events was invaluable and articles and critiques written by Helen Musa and Clinton White were very much appreciated. Thank you for all you do to support the arts in Canberra.

Dianne Anderson, Red Hill

Oh, no I didn’t!

I HAVE to defend myself against Jon Stock (“Beyond the pale”, CN Letters, April 19). Nowhere in my letter did I criticise the LGBTQI community and neither did I debate whether the issue of same-sex marriage was a problem. Yet in criticising my letter, Mr Stock states: “The marriage vote was about extending human rights etcetera”,  inferring that I had in some way suggested otherwise. All I said was Andrew Barr spent $100,000 of taxpayer’s money to promote it when he had a vested interest.

Remember, I also spoke of the light rail and wasting money on the CFMEU building in Dickson. From the above, I was clearly criticising Andrew Barr as opposed to the LGBTQI.

The Chief Minister did not fund any promotion of the “No” vote and they also had rights. Mr Barr was elected to represent all Canberrans supposedly without favour. Spending public money to promote one side and not the other of the debate was not democratic regardless of who won the vote.

Vi Evans, via email


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