Letters / Roads ‘nightmare’ that is Gungahlin

MOTORISTS visiting Gungahlin are met with a nightmare of picket-fence traffic lights some 50 metres apart that cause chaos, frustration and anger either when trying to gain access to underground parking or when leaving.

Shopkeepers must be hurting due to the restricted footpath access caused by the white elephant tram line that ends 200 metres short. Speaking of this fiasco, where are the tram users who will travel from distant suburbs going to park?

Parents must be feeling anxious when seeing their offspring crossing double lanes of traffic to gain access to tram stops that offer no real shelter, being wide open to the weather.

What can one say about the debacle of road works; Gundaroo Drive duplication (a three-month job that has taken near two years of disruption and still not finished) that wanders around a dead tree and, at this stage, contractors cannot work out how to negotiate the Ginn Street roundabout.

Added to this engineering disaster is the Mirrabei Drive duplication; well, not really as it meanders from three lanes to two lanes and then a single lane midway across the dam embankment in a total of some 200 metres. This grand exercise, which should have taken no more than three months to complete, is far from finished possibly because the “successful” contractor only works one weekday and nearly every Saturday at penalty rates!

Of course, when one considers the limited intelligence of our government and its “trust” in engineers the result is there for all to see.

Ray Leister, Amaroo

Government fails Flynn

THE dark ages are returning to a suburb near you.

The Legislative Assembly is exciting us about deep space and Canberra’s role, the construction of a roofed football stadium and light rail while failing to keep the lights on in the city.

Parts of Flynn, in Belconnen, have been relegated to the dark ages following the storm of February 24, which knocked out street and footpath lighting and this still remains unresolved.

To be promoting pre-election dreams while failing miserably with basic city services should have us fleeing interstate. Sufficient telephone calls, emails and follow-up have been sent to ministers’ offices responsible.

It’s about time those in charge told the troops to “get this fixed or pack your bags”. As for the rest of you, we will communicate at the next election and we will urge hundreds of others in the impacted areas to act likewise.

John Lawrence, Belconnen

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