Grumpy / Jennifer battles the daily walk

Reader JENNIFER HOLMES, of Weston, is grumpy about dogs and cyclists threatening the challenge of her morning walk.

I DO a timed walk in the morning on the same path that I have been using since 2010. It may not be perceptible but I am walking against the clock.

I encounter many walkers, with or without dogs, and many cyclists. Many of the cyclists think it’s sissy to have a bell and ring it before they overtake me from behind.

Sometimes I have been scared out of my wits. If they do ring their bell, I acknowledge it by raising my hand, finger pointing up (not the rude sign). I have mentioned this before but nothing much has changed. At other times, dogs and puppies which are not on a leash (and in this section of the path they are permitted to be off the leash), come bounding towards me for a pat.

I have no intention of stopping and patting them and often the dog or pup’s legs get entangled with mine as I attempt to maintain pace. This morning a pup scratched my legs with its claws but fortunately, no blood was shed.

I really resent the way many dogs are not receiving education. They should be trained to be polite and respect people. At least their handlers should teach them how. Contrary to this, in some cases pups and dogs are actually encouraged to jump up! Don’t get me wrong. I like patting dogs, but I just have a job to do on my walk.


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  1. February 6, 2019 at 11:54 #

    The reluctance of cyclists to use their bell is caused by the unpredictable behaviour of pedestrians. On hearing a bell some step to the left and some step to the right. I find it safer to call out “coming through on your right”.

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