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A restaurant smashing it on the southside

Eightysix South is smashing it and with good reason. Service, presentation of food, taste of food, wine list and décor. Who could ask for anything more asks dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON. 

Wendy Johnson.

We adored every element of our late lunch at Eightysix South in Furzer Street, Phillip. The menu is concise but innovative. Each dish is designed in line with the age-old saying: “You eat with your eyes first”. Eightysix South’s dishes explode with flavour, are served with pride and are sensational for sharing. 

How amazing did the ocean trout with horseradish cream look and taste ($22)? Five out of five and that was where the excitement began. For our second starter we indulged in the sensational beef carpaccio ($18), sliced ever so thinly and every bite melt-in-the-mouth.

The wow factor continued with the mains (can you tell I’m excited?). From the four pastas we chose the corn and taleggio tortellini, agreeing it was one of the best we’ve ever had. The tortellini had a lovely bite, the taste was tantalising, and we were delighted with the sexy fermented chilli butter ($28).

Three other mains featured – a swordfish, chicken and beef. We opted for the latter two. Again, the presentation was thoughtful, with the chicken Milanese carved into slices for ease of eating. The chicken couldn’t have been juicer and we dipped pieces into the luxurious pecorino cream.

The beef received full marks and on top of the perfectly placed slices of meat was a perky mound of fresh, peppery rocket. We squeezed fresh lemon all over and got stuck in ($55).

Speaking of lemon… it’s one of my all-time faves and, since we were on a roll, we ordered the lemon tart ($16 and had two of them, to be exact). The lemon was smooth and tangy but not over-the-top with pucker power. 

We were also craving the salted chocolate and caramel tart, but Eightysix South had run out. The staff, after seeing our disappointment, arrived a bit later with a newly found slice of what is a truly decadent dessert. The chocolate was creamy but not overly sweet ($18). 

The visual sensation that is Eightysix South continued with the action behind the long, open kitchen, where the chefs work away making pasta and shaping tortellini before your very eyes. Such entertainment value.

Eightysix South also has a tasting menu ($86 per person) with six savoury offerings and two sweets. 

The wine list is excellent, worth exploring, and staff are skilled at recommending matching.

Eightysix South’s decor is smart and similar in many ways to the Braddon location (now officially Eightysix North).

Last, but not least, hats off to the fabulous staff. They were knowledgeable, engaging, not overbearing and fun. We’ll be back to say hello.

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Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson

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One Response to A restaurant smashing it on the southside

Jude Dodd says: June 9, 2022 at 8:37 am

Hi Wendy.. wondering when we might see vegetables starring, rather than just a secondary role on the side of a meat dish. I’m not a vegetarian but I love vegies and really think it’s time they had equal billing to meat on the menu. Thanks.


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