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Cosy spot for some winter comfort food

Orochyon Spicy Miso Ramen”… thin, yellow noodles in a pork and chicken-based soup with slices of tamari soy braised pork belly. Photo: Wendy Johnson

Dining reviewer WENDY JOHNSON goes in search of some comforting, winter food and finds it in Manuka.

WINTER commands warm, comforting food, such as a hearty, nourishing and tasty ramen. 

Wendy Johnson.

Ohsama Ramen, tucked away in Palmerston Lane, Manuka, specialises in this type of wildly popular Japanese noodle/soup dish.

The question was, which to choose?

My friend decided on the “Oh! Sama Tori Chicken Ramen” ($24). 

Her slowly simmered chicken broth was loaded with goodies – as excellent ramen are – and in a massive bowl with presence. 

Thin noodles filled the bottom of the bowl, and greens included heaps of bok-choy cabbage. A half sweet soy poached egg sat on top of the noodles along with thick slices of chicken breast. Other toppings featured crunchy bamboo shoots, roasted, nutty sesame and black fungus. A decent dose of green shallot oil perked up the flavours. 

While my friend enjoyed her chicken ramen, I could see her watching my ramen choice with an eagle eye. It was food-envy time …

My “Orochyon Spicy Miso Ramen” had great kick with the garlic chilli oil. The thin, yellow noodles were in a pork and chicken-based soup that married well with the heavenly slices of tamari soy braised pork belly. Toppings included a sweet soy poached egg, black fungus, bok-choy, shallots and more ($24). The colourful dish was packed with flavour and not overpowering on the chilli.

I offered my friend a taste or two and she confirmed her food envy (poor thing).

“Oh! Sama Tori Chicken Ramen”… loaded with thin noodles, greens and thick slices of chicken breast. Photo: Wendy Johnson

Other ramen includes a vegetarian version ($23) and a curry version ($23). Ohsama Ramen has several types of noodles (including soba). 

Before our ramen we checked out the specials board and shared the Gyoza dumplings, which were delightful (eight pieces for $15). Other specials included cold ramen with salads (perhaps on a warmer day), wonton soup, barbecue pork buns, prawn tempura on rice and pan-fried pork tripe on rice. Specials start at $8 and top off at $23.

Gyoza dumplings from the specials board. Photo: Wendy Johnson

An item on the main menu that intrigued me was the Tasmanian salmon don, with the sashimi served on top of sushi rice and accompanied by pink ginger and wasabi ($28). 

Kids’ meals include two types of ramen ($15 each), a curry ($14) and a fried chicken don ($14).

Ohsama Ramen is a cosy spot; not too big and the place features a long, communal table in the centre. We sat at a small table along the long bench seating on the right-hand side of the restaurant. We felt the tables were uncomfortably tight. When I went to order our food at the counter, I had to carefully manoeuvre sideways between our table and the next one. Despite my care, I still knocked a saltshaker off the table (twice, actually!).

Service was slightly slow, although to be fair it was a busy Saturday lunch. Ohsama Ramen is BYO.

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One Response to Cosy spot for some winter comfort food

Jude says: June 16, 2022 at 7:54 am

You don’t mention the Hokkaido ramen, why not?
Also, Tasmanian salmon may be ethically unsound (fish farming is bad)… did you check?
But yeah, we love that place.


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