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Unlock secrets to ageless health and happiness

Whether it’s exercising or socialising, painting or learning, this week “CityNews” speaks to Canberra businesses that celebrate seniors.

From looking after their health to getting their affairs in order, these Canberra businesses know the importance of helping seniors. 

Whether it’s exercising or socialising, painting or learning, this week “CityNews” speaks to Canberra businesses that celebrate seniors.

Tobin Brothers Funerals dedicated location supervisor, Carolyn Jamieson.

Celebrate your loved ones this Christmas

TOBIN Brothers and White Lady Funerals want to help memorialise your loved ones this Christmas with a candlelight service, says Carolyn Jamieson, Tobin Brothers location supervisor.

The service is at the Contemporary Chapel, Nettlefold Street, Belconnen, from 6pm on December 7, but intending attendees are asked to RSVP by Friday December 1, she says. 

“We would like to start a tradition in the ACT for families who think that perhaps Christmas isn’t as happy as it is for other people because they’ve lost someone,” says Carolyn.

“It’s like a tribe of like-minded people being together on one night, where they can feel sad, or happy, however they feel, but they’re around other people feeling the same things.

“We will have a celebrant to lead us through the service, we will have some music. 

“People will get to hang their thoughts on a Christmas tree, or fill in a card to their loved one. 

“Not just Tobin families are invited. We open it up to everyone that has gone through loss, not just this year, in past years, too. 

“Families and children from everywhere are invited. 

“Anyone from anywhere, even if we have not helped them in a funeral service and they would just like to come and be with other people at this time of year.

“We want people to feel supported and not alone.”

Tobin Brothers Funerals, 101 Nettlefold Street, Belconnen, or 310 Anketell Street, Tuggeranong. Call 6295 2799, or visit

I-Med DEXA or bone mineral densitometry report.

Addressing risk factors for osteoporosis

OSTEOPOROSIS is common in Australia, says ACT regional manager Lauren Venables.

“According to Healthy Bones Australia (formerly Osteoporosis Australia) both women and men can be affected, with up to 25 per cent of cases in men,” she says.

“People 50 years and over are mostly at risk; however, osteoporosis can occur in younger people, depending on risk factors.

“Osteoporosis occurs when bones lose minerals, such as calcium, more quickly than the body can replace them, causing a loss of bone thickness (bone density or mass).”

Lauren says if you suffer from osteoporosis a sudden movement, minor fall, bump or even a sneeze could result in a broken bone.

“You should discuss your risk factors for osteoporosis with your GP,” she says.

“Osteoporosis is diagnosed with a DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scan, often referred to as a BMD or bone mineral density scan, a simple scan of your hip and spine, completely painless, takes about 20 minutes.

“I-MED Radiology offers DEXA bone scanning as part of the comprehensive service offering at the Woden and Belconnen clinics. A referral from a GP is necessary.”

I-Med Radiology. 40 Cameron Avenue, Belconnen, call 6109 6900. 90 Corinna Street, Woden, call 6214 2222.

Arthritis ACT CEO Rebecca Davey.

Exercise options to suit all abilities

NO matter what type of chronic pain condition people may have, Arthritis ACT can offer support, says CEO Rebecca Davey.

“It’s important to remain active at all ages, and particularly as we age, we need to ensure we maintain our balance and strength”, she says.

 “Our strength and balance classes run across Canberra and are a great introduction to people who maybe haven’t exercised intentionally in many years.

“For something different, for those that don’t like structured classes, we offer Nordic Walking instruction. We’re teaching people how to walk with poles, which is a great, low-impact aerobic activity for everyone.”

Rebecca says it’s also important to build strength in different areas of the body.

“We now run Pilates from both of our locations, Pearce and Bruce,” and, as an added benefit for Arthritis ACT members, “we have free, online exercise classes every week from Tuesday to Thursday.”

She says Arthritis ACT also offers services such as exercise physiology, disability support and meal planning to help people in managing their pain.

“People come to us because we know the condition. About 50 per cent of our staff live with chronic pain, so we understand how chronic pain can affect all parts of a person’s life,” she says.

“No task or question is too big or small for us.”

Arthritis ACT, 170 Haydon Drive, Bruce. Call 1800 011041 or visit

DTC Care’s Yamuna Karki, left, Prakash Bhattari and baby.

Cultivating a sense of wellbeing

DTC Care stands for “Dignity, Trust and Compassion”, says director Prakash Bhattarai, which is what he strives to achieve.

“I, along with my wife Yamuna Karki, who is an integral part of our organisation, extend our roots from the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal, the land of Mount Everest.

DTC Care runs free meditation classes on Sundays at Axis Youth Centre in Queanbeyan, 5pm to 7pm, says Prakash. 

Meditation helps keep your mind occupied and in peace, which can be beneficial for seniors, says Prakash.

“Seniors can often feel lonely and this will help them feel they are not alone and to feel more connected to nature and to the universe itself,” he says. 

“In Nepal, and I think it is the same in Australia, seniors have a lot of loneliness and trust issues, they cannot find the best support or the best person that they can really rely on. 

“They cannot live their life with dignity, they have to do what other people say due to their age.

“So I am providing support that gives their dignity back.

“We listen to them and what they want and how they want to live their life.

“Our commitment is unwavering. We understand the significance of a holistic approach to care.”

“Join us at DTC Care as we embark on a journey to elevate lives, foster independence and cultivate a sense of wellbeing through our comprehensive and compassionate services.”

DTC Care. Call 0426 803524, or visit

Freshly cleaned carpet by ACT Carpet and Floor Cleaners.

Certified cleaners produce satisfying results

ACT Carpet & Floor Cleaners offer three main lines of cleaning – carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and flood restoration – says certified technician Frank Bartorilla.

“We are certified for all three of those areas, and there’s not many in Canberra that are actually certified. Doing the job well and making sure you’re satisfied is our number one priority” he says.

“We do work with quite a few retirement villages, covering the important hygiene standards and providing a respectful service.”

Frank says he’s been doing this work for six and a half years.

“ACT Carpet & Floor Cleaners is a five-star rated, locally owned and operated business,” he says.

Frank says ACT Carpet & Floor Cleaners give out a bottle of stain remover and free top ups with every job.

“And for carpet cleaning, people can go online and get an instant quote. They don’t have to ring us up or anything, they just punch in the number of bedrooms in the house, put the living room in, the hallways and the stairs and we’ll give them a quote, and it’s pretty accurate.Customers can take advantage of our fast bookings online,” he says. 

ACT Carpet & Floor Cleaners, call 0438 449999, or visit


Financial advice for seniors

DW Private Wealth principal and financial advisor, Steve Wang.

SINCE 2014, DW Private Wealth has been assisting seniors with comprehensive financial planning advice, says principal and financial adviser, Steve Wang. 

“I have been in the business of financial advising since 2005, nearly two decades,” he says.

“I started as a tax accountant and worked for a Big Four and Global Bank for over a decade.

“I felt the financial advice industry was too transactional and lacked a personal touch and care for customers.

“This is why I started my own business, to provide consistent and high-quality advice to my clients.”

Steve says that DW Private Wealth stands out for its non-transactional relationship with customers.

“We are a non-institutional based, fee-for-service business,” he says.

“A lot of people say that in Canberra, but we’re a business that really provides a lot more of a personal touch than bigger businesses. 

“We’re a bit more boutique in that sense and we’re more family orientated. 

“We have multi-generational clients.”

Steve says that the company specialises in retirement planning and investment. 

“We do comprehensive financial planning including asset finance advising and residential planning, but we also have long-lasting relationships with legal firms, accounting firms, property services companies and so forth.

“This gives us a unique offering on the marketplace because we can do everything for our clients.”

Steve says DW Wealth is made up of a highly qualified team that will always focus on maintaining that personal touch.

DW Private Wealth, Unit 6-8/Level 1, 45 Novar Street, Yarralumla ACT 2600. Call  6154 6150 or visit

Diabetes Australia operations manager NSW ACT Natalie Smith.

The importance of getting screened for diabetes

DIABETES Australia operations manager NSW ACT Natalie Smith says that as people get older their risks of diabetes also increase.

“Unfortunately, as we get older the pancreas produces less insulin meaning there’s a higher risk, especially for type 2 diabetes,” she says.

“That’s why it’s so important for us to continue raising awareness, for people to have a conversation with their GP or health-care provider and get screened every year.”

Natalie says that the earlier diabetes is detected, the faster treatment and lifestyle changes can begin to stop or delay complications such as heart disease and amputations.

“There is support out there, and I am seeing more and more stories of people who are diagnosed early that are going into remission,” she says.

“Nationally, 5.6 per cent of people have diabetes. In the ACT there are more than 20,000 living with it, too.”

She says Diabetes Australia has an online risk calculator where people can measure how much risk they’re at of the chronic illness.

“It calculates cultural, genetic and lifestyle factors that contribute, and we encourage everyone to do it,” says Natalie.

It’s just one of the many services the organisation offers to help people living with the condition.

“If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, don’t panic, come and talk with us,” says Natalie.

Diabetes Australia. Call 1800 177055, or visit

Audiologist Dr Bill Vass… “I think that people with no qualifications have no business advising people on their hearing loss.”

Dr Vass offers life-changing hearing help

GETTING help with hearing loss is all about improving communication and gaining clarity, says Dr Vass Hearing Clinic principal Dr William Vass.

Offering professional, independent advice and treatment, Dr Vass says taking the first step with a hearing test can be life-changing.

“We know hearing loss can be linked to anxiety, isolation, anger, relationship issues, work issues and miscommunication in general,” he says.

“After treatment or rehabilitation patients can find it a lot easier to get along with people, don’t have to guess so much and are much more confident in their communication skills, especially with their partner.”

While hearing loss can come with ageing, Dr Vass says it can also often affect young people too.

“Those exposed to loud noises in military and construction fields can experience hearing loss. Some people might be genetically exposed to hearing loss or there could be viral infections,” he says.

“It’s very important to act early. Waiting too long can start to see a disconnect between the brain and the ear.

“We find that those people who put off getting help with their hearing loss for long periods don’t have as successful outcomes as those who seek help earlier.”

Dr Vass says patients have the certainty that they’ll be seeing him when they visit the clinic and that he will provide one-on-one, tailored care and advice.

“It’s rewarding to help people not be so isolated, and help improve their communication with others, especially their loved ones,” he says.

Dr Vass Hearing Clinic, suite 14, John James Medical Centre, 175 Strickland Crescent, Deakin. Visit or call 6282 2717.

Retirement village offers convenience

ADRIA Care combines access to important facilities with a feel of privacy, making it the perfect place for retirement, a spokesman for the village says. 

“There’s close access to Cooleman Court and Woden Westfield, but we are surrounded by reserves and parklands making it a very peaceful atmosphere for residents,” he says.

Located in the heart of Weston Creek, Adria Care, which has two dedicated respite rooms and a special care unit, offers residential care for 42 residents. The village also contains 36 independent living units.

It offers residents a wide range of things to do, and that they can get involved as little or as much as they’d like.

“We have an active residents’ committee who organise lots of get-togethers. Residents can play cards, go to morning teas and happy hours, enjoy exercise, and much more,” he says.

Established in 1994 by volunteers of the Croatian community of Canberra and Queanbeyan, the village is home to a multicultural group of people.

“We have residents [from] Australia, Croatia, China, France, Macedonia, Hungary and more,” he says.

“There are great residents and great staff committed to the best outcomes for the community.”

Adria Care, 89 Fremantle Drive, Stirling. Call 6288 0198, or visit

KJB principal and solicitor Jo Twible.

Law team helping seniors

FROM buying and selling properties to new relationships, separations and general family law advice, seniors can face the same legal situations as younger people, says KJB Law’s estate planning special counsel Kerstin Glomb.

“While my area of expertise is estate planning, wills and enduring powers of attorney, as well as superannuation, [which includes] ensuring the proper nominations go where it should, there are many occasions where the legalities of a situation applies to any age,” says Kerstin, who is also a notary public.

Kerstin says KJB Law looks after people’s affairs, including grant of probate, wills and family trusts, too. 

KJB Law says it has invested in specialised solicitors and staff to practice across a range of areas including estate planning, family law, conveyancing and commercial law to ensure that it’s always able to provide prompt attention and high-quality legal services.

Its principals, Andrew Freer, Des Moore and Jo Twible, say they present the human side of the legal profession making the law more approachable and easier to understand. 

And, Jo Twible has expertise in retirement village contracts, including aged-care entry and exit, and inter-family transfers.

KJB Law, ground floor, 10 Corinna Street, Woden. Call 6281 0999 or visit

Seniors meet preschoolers for ‘meaningful interactions’

NORTHSIDE Community Service is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation that has been supporting the community in North Canberra – and beyond since 1976, says manager Kate Malone.

“We’re a progressive and modern community organisation that embraces diversity, social justice and advocacy for those in our community whose voices are often unheard,” she says.

“Northside supports young children through our high-quality early education services, children and young people through our youth programs and family support services, older citizens through our aged-care services and support programs, and the wider community through our housing, community development, outreach, and volunteer programs.”

Kate says “Learning Through the Ages” is a new and noteworthy intergenerational program that has been introduced this year at Northside.

“Each week our senior social group spends time with our preschool children from one of four Northside Early Childhood Centres, giving the opportunity for meaningful interactions and relationships to be built over a 10-week period,” she says.

“Research into intergenerational learning has shown extensive benefits for both the seniors and children in regard to their mental and emotional health, and overall wellbeing.

“This program has already proved an invaluable one here at Northside, and we are very excited to continue watching the countless positive outcomes unfold.”

Northside Community Service, 2 Rosevear Place, Dickson. Call 6171 8000, or visit

Rhonda and Ken Hubert of Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators.

The importance of an up-to-date will

CAPON and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators helps clients wishing to update their will, says director Ken Hubert. 

“This will often mean completing an enduring power of attorney as well as a will,” he says.

“If people don’t have a will, it means their possessions are instead distributed by the rules of intestacy.

“This distribution means that your spouse, family member or friend will have to apply to the court to be appointed administrator before they can handle your estate.

“This can be costly and time-consuming. 

“Completing an enduring power of attorney to address later-in-life challenges, as well as a will, assists loved ones to care for you in the manner you wish when the time comes.”

Ken says Capon and Hubert have been helping people with their legal matters for more than 35 years and can also help seniors with a range of legal issues in areas such as family law, children’s matters, conveyancing, and power of attorney.

“Our team is focused on giving honest and expert advice at all times,” says Ken.

“Our staff are experienced in their fields and we take pride in knowing that they will always use common sense, respect, courtesy and good judgement.”

Capon and Hubert Lawyers and Mediators, first floor, 32-38 Townshend Street, Phillip. Call 6152 9203 or visit

Owner of Curtin Optical, Corey Nicholls.

Making access to eyewear easy

CURTIN Optical stocks a wide range of eyewear and accessories, says owner Corey Nicholls.

Having been a part of the Curtin community for 23 years, he says Curtin Optical has three experienced optometrists available for appointments from Mondays to Fridays. 

“We cater to all tastes – from budget to well-known brands,” says Corey.

Curtin Optical also offers mobile optical dispensing services – spectacle selections and deliveries to the elderly or people unable to come into the store due to disability, he says.

“This includes spectacle repairs and adjustments, and an after-hours service,” says Corey.

“In addition, Curtin Optical offers an express service for those who have lost or broken their spectacles (Rx dependent). 

“Curtin Optical’s in-store services can offer a same-day turnaround and its mobile jobs have a 24-hour turnaround.”

Corey says its independence from large chains gives customers a more personalised service.

He says they are also providers to the ACT pension scheme and DVA, with Curtin Optical offering a 10 per cent discount to ACT Seniors Card holders on complete spectacles, when their Seniors Card is presented at ordering.

Curtin Optical. Shop 1B, Curtin Place, Curtin. Call 6281 1220 or visit

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