Moore / Labor hell-bent on getting us into apartments

"It's time for government to respond positively to the majority rather than caving to the aspirations of a few developers and a handful of misguided planners who 'know best'.," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

So many questions, Candice takes to public transport

Newly minted MLA and opposition spokesperson on transport Candice Burch tells reporter DANIELLE NOHRA she wants to see people using the tram and the community getting value for money out of it

Hanson warns of ‘bikie oasis’ as anti-consorting push fails again

LIBERAL Party attempts to "protect Canberrans against bikie violence" hit an Assembly roadblock with Labor and the Greens again rejecting the proposed anti-consorting laws on the...

Dangerous dog laws get some teeth

THE late Steve Doszpot’s Bill on managing dangerous dogs passed in the Assembly today (Wednesday, November 19).  "I thank Steve for his passion, initiative and...

Stanhope / Dear Affordable Housing Project Team…

On August 3, JON STANHOPE, in his role as an adviser at Winnunga Nimmityjah, wrote the following letter to the ACT government... “Dear Affordable Housing...

Moore / Lumpy choice of rock or hard place

“With the Canberra Liberals under Alistair Coe becoming even more ideologically conservative, Andrew Barr’s Labor team simply don’t have to try too hard," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Corruption watchdog will need real teeth

"After nearly three decades, a proper process has been established to consider the appropriateness and style for the ACT anti-corruption commission," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Libs fete retiring Steve Doszpot

OPPOSITION Leader Alistair Coe has paid tribute to the service of Liberal Steve Doszpot, who announced his retirement from the Legislative Assembly this morning.  “Steve...

Steve says goodbye with a grim warning

LIBERAL Steve Doszpot rose for his final, formal speech – "a speech that I wish I didn't have to give" – to the...

Moore / Meegan puts her neck out to keep kids safe

"No matter how much flack she takes, the Health Minister can rest easy having taken evidence-based action to keep young people as safe and healthy as possible," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Parton puts the cat among the pigeons

"Consider being white, male, 30+ in a government department that has set catch-up goals to improve the status of women and specific minority groups," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Rate rises: Coe says Barr hasn’t counted the human cost

ACT Opposition Leader Alistair Coe says he fears the government hasn't  counted the human cost of its rates reform package. He has called on the...

Moore / Hard labour of sorting out prisons

"Why is Denmark facing issues of how to close prisons at the same time as Australia seems hell bent on exponentially increasing the numbers of people in prison?" asks MICHAEL MOORE.

Moore / Big thumbs down to ‘uglifying’ billboards

"The last thing that Canberra needs is a free-for-all of these eyesores," writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

Moore / Better Budget, better Canberra, better spin

"The word 'better' is simply testing against what we had last month, or last year, or before Labor came to power at the end of 2001. It’s wishy washy!" writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE

ACT Budget / Parents’ group welcomes money for schools

THE ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations – the peak body for Canberra’s public school parents – has welcomed the ACT government's additional...

ACT Budget / Rates up 12 per cent, bemoans Coe

'THIS  Budget will make it more difficult to live, work and raise a family in Canberra," says Opposition Leader Alistair Coe. "The money hungry ACT...

ACT Budget / Barr says economy back in balance next year

CHIEF Minister and treasurer Andrew Barr has announced the 2016-17 ACT Budget would include classroom and facilities upgrades for schools across the territory, expansion...

Stanhope / Labor’s indigenous boast comes unstuck

"Attempts by ministers to deflect responsibility for their own shortcomings by insisting that the Aboriginal community was 'confused' or had 'misunderstood' the intended purpose of the facility simply inflamed the situation," writes JON STANHOPE

Boost or betrayal? Barr announces ‘unprecedented’ arts funding

A TRIUMPHAL Andrew Barr, today (May 15) unveiled what he said was, since self-government, an “unprecedented” funding boost of $21 million to the ACT...




Ten days of double demerits

DOUBLE demerit points will be in place for 10 of the next 11 days because of Easter and Anzac Day.  The Easter double demerit period...


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