Kylie wants the moon on a stick

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THE classifieds website Gumtree is often a seething hotbed of human emotion.

But today’s wanted ad by Kylie really takes the cake.

hi im kylie. 29. studying uni via online. quiet but social.
i currently live in sydney looking to move to canberra to live closer to my children. so please understand i need to see pics of the room etc and know all the details.
im looking for somewhere that is child friendly as my 9yr old and 7yr old will be staying for occasional weekends and holidays.
i would prefer a furnished not to small of a room. close to public transport as i dont drive.would suit me if i was close to a 24/7 gym and shopping centre but its not essential.
about $150 a week including bills and internet
sorry i dont have a bond or rent in advance
please send me details of the room if you reply 🙂

Additionally the ad is in the pet-friendly category.

If anyone knows large rooms going near shops, gym, and public transport, and is willing to take on two kids, and forgo bond or rent in advance, please do share for the benefit of the wider public.

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One Response to “Kylie wants the moon on a stick”

  1. John Moulis
    July 13, 2014 at 10:34 am #

    $150.00 per week? With what she requires she’d be lucky to get anything for $1500.00 per week.

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