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When the Canberra Centre promised us a new cultural experience we didn’t expect a...

IN May we noted with a modicum of sadness that Cafe Fountaine in the Canberra Centre had expired. Imagine our surprise to discover the the...

Kylie wants the moon on a stick

THE classifieds website Gumtree is often a seething hotbed of human emotion. But today's wanted ad by Kylie really takes the cake. hi im kylie. 29....

A trip to the QT lounge, a strange journey

Back at the end of June a strange delivery arrived for me at "CityNews" palatial offices. A black envelope sealed in red wax? How intriguing! The...

Opinion: A ‘most unusual’ adoption

NICK JENSEN: “My niece, was adopted 14 months ago. The strange thing is she was only born six months ago."

Opinion: Grow up, legalise the weed!

MARK PARTON: “If people are smoking the weed in every Canberra suburb anyway… why not stop wasting police resources and start getting some of the money back.”

Opinion: Success when the government listens

HOWEVER liveable the city, ripples of an economic downturn are still being felt across Lake Burley Griffin and additional federal public sector job cuts...

Moore: Community deserves a sporting chance

“The Canberra Raiders’ redevelopment proposal of Braddon Oval simply rips off ordinary Canberrans."

Seven Days: Welcome to liveable, unaffordable Canberra

“Once you tell the world, you encourage everyone to come here and presto! It’s a crowded and you can’t park anywhere."

Opinion: Living on the edge

  CANBERRA’S city edge is set for a revamp with its ageing public housing making way for new residential and mixed-use development on Cooyong Street. A...

Opinion: Murder most fowl

MIKE WELSH is counting his chickens and avoiding lawyers

Sport: Swimmers sunk by pool costs

THE ACT Government should have a close look at the control it has over its own sporting facilities. The current saga involving the Civic and...

Property: House and home of democracy

  THE prize-winners and 22 other entries in an exciting competition to design a new Prime Minister’s Lodge are now on show at the Gallery...

Opinion: Peace of mind for the village people

  THE decision to move into a retirement village is a big one – for residents and their families, and the highest standards of accommodation,...

Election letters: Signs of embarrassment

A CAUTION to other political parties, an embarrassment to Minister Rattenbury, but congratulations to TAMS rangers who removed the Greens’ signs from the Adelaide...

Letters to the editor: Stay left, slow down

AS a driver, pedestrian, bus user and cyclist, I am thoroughly over the criticisms levelled at cyclists. Yes, paths are shared, then pedestrians, women with...

Sport: Brave Brumbies deserve our support

For the Brumbies, what a difference two years makes, writes TIM GAVEL

Opinion: Our top spot to live

  DRAWING on the latest census data, the 2013 “State of Australian Cities” report confirms our city as a place where people want to live...

Letters to the editor: Bring back Green Square grass

  Bring back the Green Square grass I’M emailing you in my capacity as reader of your fine magazine and one-time regular visitor of Green Square...

Politics: The price of booze abuse

It’s time for meaningful political action on alcohol abuse, says MICHAEL MOORE

Opinion: Y so hard to get along with?

It’s official: MARK PARTON is an old man. He knows this because he has a 13-year-old daughter!





Police catch out offending hoons on social media

Hoons that have been warned are paying the price for being caught committing the illegal act in Canberra


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