ACT Liberals say a bail review is ‘crucial’

SHADOW Attorney General Jeremy Hanson says it’s crucial for the ACT to review its bail laws following several local and interstate instances of crimes committed by people who were on bail at the time. 

Jeremy Hanson.

“Other jurisdictions, such as Victoria, have launched reviews of their bail systems, and it’s important and prudent that we do the same,” Mr Hanson says.

“This isn’t just about the latest terrible incident in Melbourne. We have seen our own awful outcomes and our own tragic results.

“Too many crimes were committed by those on bail, and too many have left the community wondering what is happening with our system.”

Mr Hanson criticises the ACT government saying it is unwilling to deal with this issue.

“I am calling for an urgent, comprehensive review into the bail system in the ACT, either as an independent external review or through the Committee system of the Assembly,” Mr Hanson says.

“Both the Prime Minister of Australia and the Federal Leader of the Opposition have made statements in the Commonwealth Parliament that recognise the need and importance of reviews into bail systems across Australia.

“Now I am calling for a full, urgent and independent review for the ACT, to prevent future tragedies from occurring.”


One Response to “ACT Liberals say a bail review is ‘crucial’”

  1. Jon McLeod
    February 15, 2017 at 10:01 am #

    As a left-leaning Greens voter, I have to say I support this. It’s a tough call. The ALP in Victoria are struggling to come to terms with bail laws after a succession over a number of years of violent crime by repeat offenders on bail or parole. No consultancies, studies or further investigation required. If he is (and it’s always a “he”, unfortunately) a repeat violent offender – no bail. If he has prior form for harassment against any female, whether it’s a spouse, de facto, or not – no bail. Unfortunately, I have to say I also support Peter Dutton’s announced intent to bar entry to visa applicants (including refugees) where there is evidence that the person has a prior serious criminal history. I had a friend recently killed by a person on bail and another friend attacked on her bicycle by an Apex gang member with a box cutter in North Melbourne recently. I’m sick of it. I believe 99.99 percent of persons seeking Australian visa or citizenship intend to work, get an education, and become good citizens. The other 0.01 percent are not welcome. “And another thing”: any Australian citizen (not just dual citizens) leaving Australia to serve in another country’s military and / or fight in any conflict – should lose their Australian citizenship. This includes ISIS, and it includes Israel, the USA, whatever.

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