Letters / Time to take on the telcos, Michael!

COLUMNIST Michael Moore (CN, October 12) rightly decries big business e.g. Big Tobacco “buying” desired political outcomes.

However, is he willing to say the same thing about large telcos pushing wireless technologies, WiFi, 5G etcetera as part of their corporate agenda? There is a considerable body of evidence on the adverse health effects of electromagnetic radiation and wireless technologies.

In 2011, the World Health Organization/International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

The evidence has only become stronger since then about a range of biological and health effects, not just cancer. Yet much of the research suggesting no problem is funded by the telco industry.

Time to sound the alarm on invasive levels of electromagnetic fields and their implications for public health. These fields are considerably stronger than even a decade ago.

C’mon, Michael, we are now bathed in this stuff.

Murray May, Cook

Old boys keep rolling along

COLUMNIST Chris Coleman’s 30th anniversary school reunion “Remember the daze of the old schoolyard” (CN, October 12) prompts me to write about my experience at Fort Street Boys High, a boys-only school in Sydney.

I left high school in 1953 having passed the Leaving Certificate. On our traditional “Rag Day” at the end of 1953, our entire 5th year was expelled by the new school principal for “unseemly behaviour”. We were allowed back some days later to sit our exams.

Since 1953 we have continued to celebrate our “milestone” anniversaries as they’ve rolled around. Members of the “Infamous Class of ’53” still keep in touch and meet in Sydney twice every year for lunch. Attendances average around 15-20 (not always the same “miscreants”). Some travel from interstate, including two from Canberra, and an occasional one from the US.

Currently, talk usually covers individuals’ 80th birthday celebrations, the onset of Alzheimer’s, the problems of ageing, staying alive and much reminiscing about teachers of the day and memorable school-time experiences.

Next year, 2018, we will be celebrating another milestone anniversary: our 65th school reunion.

We hope Chris and his schoolmates will continue to get together and enjoy all of their future reunions. Who knows – they might even break our record?

Max McGregor, Curtin


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