Letters / Double the fines!

WITH the new school year started, traffic is supposed to slow down through school zones, but do they? Travelling through four school zones one morning before 9am, I saw constant speeding.

Last year 2800 drivers were booked for speeding through school zones: my question is, why so few?

As well as school-crossing supervisors, I hope there are concentrations of mobile speed cameras at schools and I suggest fines are at least doubled!

Cedric Bryant, Watson

The good, old days!

A possible explanation for the 1929 death of Alick Bunfield and the illness of his wife (“Mysterious case of the Michelago poisoner”, CN, February 1) is that, back in those days, strychnine was seen as a medicine as well as being a poison.

A book published in 1935, “The Illustrated Family Doctor”, describes nux vomica (strychnine) as “a most useful digestive tonic” and speaks of its use in bronchitis and to improve “the action of the heart”.

The good, old days!

Stephen Brown, Forrest

Subsidy drain

COLUMNIST Tim Gavel (CN, February 8) laments the “Mysterious case of the disappearing stadium”. I wonder if the money would have been available for a stadium had the outrageous subsidies received by the Raiders and Brumbies (both financial and in terms of favourable planning decisions) not been draining money from the public purse?

Peter Dark, via email


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