Election volunteer leaps clear of car

POLICE will not act on a complaint of assault outside a polling booth this morning in Stirling until Monday or Tuesday, say Canberra Liberals. 

They claim that at 9.30, a white Subaru car mounted the curb outside Stirling College and ran down a sign for Liberal candidate Steve Doszpot, then drove toward a table where a disabled female volunteer was sitting, forcing the person to leap back and run to avoid being hit.

The woman driving the car then pulled up near the table and yelled abuse at the volunteer.

“Although formal complaints have been lodged with the police by witnesses and by the volunteer targeted by the vehicle, the AFP told the victim of the incident that they would not take a statement until Monday or Tuesday,” a Liberal campaign spokesperson said.

“Australian elections are dependent on volunteers who sacrifice their own time and resources. They are entitled to be treated with decency and respect.”

“I ask that the other party leaders ask their members and supporters to show greater restraint and report to police any knowledge they have of this unacceptable behaviour.”


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  1. whingeybingey
    October 20, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    What a psycho!

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