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How I came to love the Skywhale

I LOVE Canberra’s public artworks. Former chief minister Jon Stanhope deserves full credit for investing in some amazing sculpture that brightens Canberra’s streets and...

When beige was sexy

MARK PARTON’s first car was no ordinary car. It was a Falcon

Support Geelong, but slash Canberra

The professional public service in Canberra, with its high levels of education, hard work and professional commitment is rarely seen in its full value by politicians from outside of Canberra, writes MICHAEL MOORE

Stop the wailing!

What a mob of whingers we Canberrans are, says MICHAEL MOORE

The case for keeping Julia

Robert Macklin's latest column on the aftermath of the Leadership spill is here.  IT seems I’m the only columnist left in Australia who thinks Julia...

Skywhale ‘a catalyst for conversation’

AS the gigantic, maternalistic Skywhale turns south and prepares to make an appearance above Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in June,...

Letting the fingers do the walking

BEFORE kids, I loved shopping. I loved the whole experience of going out, trying things on and being able to see, touch and not...

Why Canberra needs to vote to protect itself

There is no reason for the leaders of major parties to care what happens to Canberra. And while Canberrans continue to vote the way they do this will not change, says MICHAEL MOORE

Opinion: The search for being human

NICK JENSEN didn’t always think abortion was wrong, until he shook hands with someone who had been aborted

Time now for nice, new Tony

“IT’S just another great big tax,” would have been the reaction of Tony Abbott even a year ago to the additional half a per...

A graduation in life’s hard lessons

IT was one of the more unusual graduations I have attended. No mortar boards and swish academic gowns; no dancing on the lawns with...

Libs beat a path to the grassroots

THERE is nothing quite like a good conspiracy theory. However, more often than not, the conspiracy evaporates under close scrutiny.  Mind you, when it involves...

Walking the talk with kids

“I REMEMBER when kids used to be able to walk,” I found myself ruminating to the children the other day. “You mean, before there were...

Roll on the long, cold winter

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer have gone and MARK PARTON couldn't be happier!

Facing a future of throat cutting?

WILL Abbott govern like Thatcher? Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has demoted one of his senior policy staffers after the “throat-cutting” threat regarding funding to...

When life starts to catch up

It’s said the 40s are the new 30s and women are like fine wine, getting better with age. Sounds like marketing talk to SONYA FLADUN and she’s not buying it!

Anzac Day: The many stories of war

By NICK JENSEN, a director of the ACT Australian Christian Lobby

Here comes that old train again

IN the mid-‘80s, I was producing the flagship morning radio program in Adelaide for the late Vincent Smith. In my first week with Vincent, I...

Why Greens want kids to vote

DEAR reader, as a person interested enough in politics to read this column, you have a special responsibility. Since so many of the young...

Barking up the wrong tree

I AM not a tree person. I am unimpressed by their personalities, their unadventurous, stay-at-home attitudes. And I especially don’t like listening to people who...




Hell hath no fury save for silent Julia

"The silence Julia Gillard has kept since Bill Shorten (among others) engineered her downfall speaks volumes. It suggests that the progressive feminisation of our political system is certainly a notion worth exploring," writes Gadfly columnist ROBERT MACKLIN.

Cartoon / Dose of Dorin


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