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Big Tobacco gets a kick in the butt

THE tobacco industry’s product is the only one of its kind that, when used exactly as intended, kills and maims most of it users.  The...

Election in the bag?

I DON’T suppose it’s all that likely that Zed Seselja and his team will win the ACT election in October. Based on everything we...

When the politics of ‘no’ go wrong

POLITICAL negativity has worked for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, but it has backfired badly for his conservative colleagues. Pressure from supporters of the National Disability...

Answer blowing in the wind…

Is there a new future in the wind for Collector? MARK PARTON thinks so

When mum gets her mojo back

SONYA FLADUN has just returned to work after an extended period at home looking after her two children.

It’s time to crash through the Clyde

Something must be done about the road over the Clyde Mountain and it should not be left to the Eurobodalla Shire Council, says ROBERT MACKLIN

Battle in the wheel world

MARK PARTON reports from the war...

Sporting Confidential: Emily struggles to kick goals

AS a 12-year-old girl in a boys’ rugby league competition, Emily Ernst has been tested plenty of times in her 90 games with the...

Spilling the family into a public life

Katy Gallagher’s sister, exposed through the Canberra Hospital controversy, joins a long and involuntary list of ‘useful’ political relatives, says MICHAEL MOORE

Opinion: Canberra Connect’s licence to thrill!

There’s nothing like a trip to Norfolk Island to make you appreciate Canberra, says ROBERT MACKLIN.

Opinion: Here’s cheers for action on alcohol

Senator Kate Lundy is tackling the nexus between sport and alcohol, says MICHAEL MOORE

Government living beyond its means

CATHERINE CARTER reveals the ‘key message’ of the recent ACT Budget

Opinion: ‘Journos are people too’, says Leigh

Member for Fraser, ANDREW LEIGH spoke to parliament today about the changing media landscape and its impact on Canberra journalists

Growing up – it’s tough on mums

IT can come as a bit of a shock every now and again, when you realise you and your other half might not be...

Completely out of (cruise) control

The day MARK PARTON put his foot down was the day he stopped using cruise control

Labor fires first election salvo

At the media lock-up for the ACT Budget political columnist MICHAEL MOORE was chided by the Chief Minister when he spontaneously guffawed at her assertion this was not an election Budget. Here he explains why it is...

Why won’t Treasury listen?

THE Budget’s estimated operating loss for 2012-13 is almost $400 million. To make it worse, the ACT Government expects to make operating losses for...

You’re right, says Jeremy

“WE are being conned!” said Althea, the normally mild-mannered Canberra teacher as she slapped her champagne glass down on the table. “The big supermarkets...

Opinion: The ‘danger’ on board

“IT’S stupid. Do you really think having a sign on the back of your car is going to make any difference to the way...

Opinion: Hooray, circus takes a break

You know you're in Canberra when you stroll into McDonald's and they're showing Question Time on the TV, says MARK PARTON




Emotions channelled into dance and acrobatics

“Jump First, Ask Later” tells the story of six young "Parkour" performers from Fairfield, Western Sydney, where they met, train and perform their high-risk, hybrid styles of movement and dance. says dance reviewer SAMARA PURNELL.


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