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No forgetting old Bogart’s

Redevelopment of a Civic site brings back memories to listeners of MARK PARTON’s radio show

Horrors come home to roost

THE ACT Government’s Mid-Year Budget Review has revealed major cracks in the Territory’s economy, with possibly worse on the horizon. And the Government’s track record...

Labor takes a scalpel to health insurance

LIKE a Robin Hood in reverse, the private health insurance scheme has been taking from the poor and giving to the rich. But now means...

‘Kevin the Unready’ hasn’t changed

As the Labor Party wrestles with the issue of leadership, Kevin Rudd’s biographer ROBERT MACKLIN says we’ll see a replay of chaotic decision making, absurd time-management, government by fear, media manipulation and arrogance

Rotters dumping in charity bins

INCREASINGLY, I get the impression that too many people have lost any sense of what charity bins are for. They are being turned into rubbish...

Would office block have passed the plan?

DESPITE the ACT Government deciding to go to the market for its new office accommodation, there is still one concern. The original proposal had been...

Passion and pain of high heels

IN the final week of school holidays, I was out shopping for sensible school shoes for my two children. I tried to stay focused, but...

Rent or buy? The gap is closing in Canberra

AMANDA LYNCH can’t see the price of housing crashing any time soon...

Merry Christmas? Maybe or maybe not

To save or to spend in the national interest is the Christmas question testing DON AITKIN

Bah, humbug and goodbye poor, old Santa

It’s time to abandon the mythology and fess up about the old fella in the red suit, says NICK JENSEN

Christmas Confidential: All you need is love…

Graeme’s driving success IT seems Shaw Vineyard Estate has experienced a bumper year. “CC’s” learnt the Murrumbateman winery has started exporting to China, the Philippines,...

Put down the polls, stand up, politicians!

JUST because issues do not show in the polls does not mean that they are not politically important. Take the ACT Government’s handling of gay...

Just too big to be true, can’t take my eyes off you…

Hot dogs and spies, MARK PARTON gets the Silly Season off to a good start...

Canberra Confidential: A moment with Carl

Sexy mums and hot tradies IT could cause quite the stir. “CC’s” heard whispers that Gungahlin’s Siren Bar and Restaurant is about to release its...

Healthy, wealthy and wise

CANBERRA is healthy and wealthy, relative to the rest of the nation, according to a new report. “The State of Australian Cities 2011” says we...

Locals shooting for the stars

ROBERT MACKLIN, back in the movie world for three days, emerges convinced there is room for a film industry in Canberra

Making the call for Maureen

Sports broadcaster TIM GAVEL pays tribute to a special listener

Hard Labor in the north and south

Is Labor too cocky after a decade in government? Have they resigned to being dependent on the Greens for government? Or are they so smug they don’t need to counter the Liberal election tactics? MICHAEL MOORE looks at the hard numbers ahead

Obama’s visit of convenience

Do we need to forgo our own rules to cater to the imagined anxieties of a foreign leader? DON AITKIN thinks not

Star-spangled worries that lie ahead

Whatever affection we may feel for President Obama, back home he’s struggling to be loved – and that spells trouble for Australia, says ROBERT MACKLIN




Canberrans urged to avoid all wild mushrooms

CANBERRANS are being warned to not eat or pick any wild mushrooms after this year's first death cap mushrooms have been spotted, says acting...


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